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How to Turn your Hookup into a Serious Relationship

How to Turn your Hookup into a Serious Relationship

The start of every fresh relationship is always something magical. Whether it’s a brand new thing or just two individuals figuring out how they can turn hookup into something real like a serious relationship. The modern world today is full of relationships that normally started casually than the relationships in the past.

The reason why hookups happen is because most people nowadays are not into establishing boundaries, putting labels on interactions with the people they’re interested with. Sometimes, they just end up hooking up and that’s it, the casual way of dating. Many are trapped between the strange area of relationships and hookups.

It’s hard to determine if it’s already a relationship or is it just a fling. Sometimes, it’s kind of tiring to be inside this in-between zone because you can’t assure if your so-called relationship today will mean anything in your future.

10 Rules For Dating When You Want a Serious Relationship

So, the question waiting to be answered is, how can you turn your hookup relationship into a serious one? Can you believe that you can turn your hookup into a more serious relationship? Yes, it’s possible.

Here are few tips for you to take you in-between relationship into a serious one!

#1 Make your Future Plans

This is not about having plans of getting married in six months! Making your plans together means you always think ahead of doing relevant things together like booking tickets for a simple vacation or getaway. It’s more of having plans for next month, not just planning for a day’s work. Also make sure to follow-up your plans if you want to do it some other convenient time.

#2 Engaging in Social Media

It may sound silly but postings on social media can also be a factor of turning hookups to serious relationships. Add and follow him/her on Instagram and Facebook. If both of you already have the social media connection, post on his/her wall, comment on a photo, tag photos, directly message photos. There so much to do with social media and if he/she does the same, those are little signs that can lead into something deeper than a fling.

#3 Change your Routine

How To Tell It's Time To Get Serious In A Relationship

If your Saturday night routine is always hang out then have sex, well, it’s now time to switch that up. In the movie “He’s Just Not into You”, it says that if he/she really wants to have a date with you, they will. But if he/she just wants to come over for sex, it’s not a good indicator that the person likes you and spend their time because you’re interesting and smart. In this line, push through hanging out every week or suggest him/her to go out on dinners. It’s the time to change your behavior and find out if they reciprocate.

#4 Be Truthful to Yourself

Being honest can help you know what you really want and clarify your actual needs. Great sex is not the only thing to deal with in serious relationships. You have to think over your hookup relationship. Take note or list the things that will help you clear things out if it’s really the person that you want or not.

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