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Top 4 Best Places in Ottawa to go on your First Date

Top 4 Best Places in Ottawa to go on your First Date

First dates can be very stressful for some because it’s hard to decide where you’re going to take your date. First dates can be awkward, too. You can only have two choices on your first date, either you make it or you break it. But you never have to worry about the pressure, mate, because Ottawa got you on this.

Ottawa is excellent in providing new daters with wide options of the best and unique places for them to share every uncomfortable but adorable first date moments. Ottawa doesn’t only have great cafes and bars that can sip your tension away but it also has outdoor spots that are perfect for you and your date to loosen up while enjoying majestic scenery. The city has beautiful lighting which is really romantic for first dates.

5 Fun First Date Ideas

Pure Gelato

Pure Gelato is located on Elgin Street. This is a very delectable place for you to spend your first date. It features 48 various flavors every day so both of you can have a taste of each good and pretend like you’re having your time in Italy. Pure Gelato is offering crepes, cones, and coffee. It’s the ideal place where you can spend you sweet tooth craving together with your date. The atmosphere is fun and enjoyable with good music and cozy booths made perfect with dim lighting so you can snuggle up inside.

Avant-Garde Bar

Avant-Garde Bar is located in Besserer. It’s an ideal location if you want your first date to be infused with good music. The bar is very unique, small and quirky with a lovely accent of contemporary art and old Soviet memorabilia. The place has dim lighting which makes it very romantic taking you back with time. Live music is all week long that features all genres. The bar is offering Russian food with different kinds of drinks. Here your first date will be sampling food, sharing cocktails, enjoying artwork and grooving with music, or maybe you two can get up for a minute of dancing.

Major’s Hill Park

Ottawa Date Ideas

Major’s Hill Park is behind Chateau Laurier. This gorgeous spot is characterized by immaculate gardens and stunning viewpoints. You can choose to meet your date in the ByWard Market then you can both stroll stalls as you search for perfect treat you can bring with you at the Major’s Hill Park. You have endless options of different cuisines that will surely tantalize your appetite and delight your date’s taste buds. You can grab a load of snacks and refreshing drinks at the Tea Store located in York Street. This is definitely an adorable idea for your first date.

Oz Kafe

Oz Kafe is the best place if you’re looking for a good dinner setting that’s very romantic. Oz Kafe is perfectly oozing with the amorous mood that you and your date need. It offers dark, candle-lit and intimate dinner that serves you with sumptuous cuisine on your plates. It specializes in creating inventive cuisines and taking extraordinary appetizers with exquisite drinks of Caesar town. Your first date will surely be satisfied in Ottawa with Oz Kafe.

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